Tasbaal is a dark monk formerly worshipping the now dead Dark God Murdrul. His hair is in a tonsure, showing his faithfulness. His habit is in line with that, being made of rich blue silk covered with blasphemous symbols in gold thread, held together by a cord with silver threads. Befitting his former dark god, The Devourer, Tasbaal is obese.

Following his employment[1] by Keeper Mercury, he was made head researcher, and was involved in the development of Ami's Ice Golems. 

Follwoing the assault on Malleus' dungeon, Ami read Malleus' mind and discovered Tasbaal was closely involved with many of Malleus' atrocities. He was imprisoned and left behind for Baron Leopold's forces when Ami abandoned her first dungeon. However, he was found by the women of Malleus' harem (who had also been left for Leopold to rescue). The women remembered him as a torturer and murderer of their children, and stoned him to death through the bars of his magic-nullifying prison before Leopold arrived.


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