Shabon Spray Freezing is a spell unique to Sailor Mercury, powered by her senshi magic. It is directional and encloses the the subject in summoned ice. It takes the appearance of freezing bubbles shooting towards the subject. The spell can be intercepted when another subject crosses the course of the spell. The ice will then encase the intercepting subject without changing the speed of the subject.

Spell Data
Alignment Good (Senshi)
Duration Depending on temperature, but generally until the ice thaws
Target Single to multiple if close together
Effect Encloses subject in solid summoned ice block
  • Can be applied to the same subject multiple times with additive effect on the ice' thickness
  • Can form threedimensional objects

Corrupted VersionEdit

Usually Ami uses senshi magic for the spell. However, when she has exhausted her senshi mana pool the dungeon hearts mana pool will provide the necessary magical energy. Since this is channeled through an inherently evil way the spell will reflect that.

Instead of the regular application of ice at the target the corrupted spell will instantly form a sprawl of jagged ice in the direction of the target. The edges will be sharp enough to easily cut flesh. If it hits a couterelemental it cannot overwhelm the ice will jut out roughly perpendiculary forming a ring around the incoming spell.[1]


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