Chapters of the story "Dungeon Keeper Ami", based on the version of Anime Addventure ( ).

Chapter 0: Name That Keeper

Book One: Dungeon Keeper Ami

Arc 1: Reaper and Keeper
1.01 Dungeon Keeper Ami
1.02 Just how does any of this work?
1.03 A Deal with the Devil
1.04 Some Unfortunate Truths
1.05 Fire Reading
1.06 Basic Functionality
1.07 So Hungry
Ami acquires two harsh metaphorical, one unpleasantly literal.

Arc 2: Welcome to your new world
2.01 Meet the Locals
2.02 A Youma's Report
2.03 Confirmed Suspicions
2.04 Travelling Companions
2.05 Ambush
2.06 A Poor Plan
2.07 Intra-Party Conflict
2.08 Journey's End
2.09 Deeper Into Trouble
2.10 Captured!
2.11 Spiders Everywhere!
2.12 Escape from Arachne's Dungeon
Ami meets her first friendly (?) faces in the form of Cathy, Jered and Snyder. But they have Keeper-related problems of their own...

Arc 3: Staffing difficulties
3.01 Strategy Meeting
3.02 Mad Science for Beginners
3.03 Into the Portal
3.04 Reaper Battle!
3.05 City Expedition, Second Attempt
3.06 Assistants Acquired
3.07 Production Model
3.08 Picking the First Target
3.09 Inhuman Waves
3.10 Desperation Move
Cathy, Jered and Snyder have little choice but to stick with Ami now, but she'll need more than them to escape the Baron's fury. Undisciplined goblins and warlock infighting complicate the process of staffing her dungeon. Golems are refreshingly reliable by comparison...but some servants are even more difficult to bring to heel. <spoiler>The Reaper rebels, but Ami shortly acquires a new and even more reluctant minion in Malleus.</spoiler>

Ami let herself sink backward onto the beating membrane in exhaustion.

Arc 4: In which Keepers displease their superiors
4.01 Knowledge Hard Earned
4.02 Moving On
4.03 Some Resolutions
4.04 Oh Gods!
4.05 Reaper Battle, Take Two
4.06 Corruption?
4.07 Ultimatum
Ami wants information, and she gets it directly from the source...or rather, two sources. The Dark Gods aren't too happy about that second one. <spoiler>Ami looks for answers from Malleus and the Light Gods both --- and doesn't find any she likes. Worse, the Dark Gods give her an ultimatum...and Ami is in no position to refuse.</spoiler>

"I- I tried everything I could think of," she said reluctantly. "I even managed to create a cure of my own, but the dark gods just improved their plague and made all my work worthless."

Arc 5: Old enemies
5.01 Recruitment Preparations
5.02 The Newest Recruit
5.03 Seizing Heart Number 3
5.04 Shipping Preparations
5.05 Out-of-Dungeon Experiences
5.06 A Solution to the Reaper Problem?
5.07 Creepy Crawlers
5.08 Magic Lesson
5.09 More Lessons
5.10 Choice of Weapons
Ami subjugates her oldest enemy, comes to an uneasy truce with her fourth-oldest enemy, and harasses her third-oldest enemy...all the while knowing that she's going to have to face her second-oldest enemy sooner than she'd like. <spoiler>Jadeite! Fortunately, Jadeite hasn't arrived while Ami is under attack, when he might be tempted to turn on her. For the moment, Ami is the top dog, pouncing on another vulnerable Keeper like a hyena, harassing Arachne, sailing to the Avatar Islands, and training for her duel. Not much happens, mainly it just shows off how disoriented Jadeite is by the change in Ami.</spoiler>

"You. I remember you," the monster suddenly snarled, making the puddles on the ground vibrate with its rumbling voice.

Arc 6: In which heroes are vastly outclassed by their foes
6.01 Time Flies
6.02 Fairy Attack
6.03 Dealing with the Blockade Ship
6.04 Writing Home
6.05 Dungeon Discoveries
6.06 Research Breakthroughs
6.07 Invading the Avatar Islands
6.08 Into the Darkness
6.09 Dread
6.10 The Duel
Ami's morals are tested as she is forced to decide what she will do for survival. Ami comes face-to-face with three enemies who vastly outclass her in different ways...not to mention seven more who could easily bring Ami's defenses crashing down around her. After losing twice, a third defeat will mean her death. To escape eternal damnation...Ami may have to make a deal with the devil. <spoiler>Ami learns to create a dungeon heart the Dark Gods can't touch! But then nothing goes Ami's way. First her experiment causes a magical accident that forces her to sacrifice a dungeon heart. Then one of the many enemies she's made destroys another dungeon heart...banishing Ami to the Dark Realm and allowing Azzathra to make her face his test.</spoiler>

Please don't notice me, she pleaded silently.

Book Two: The Avatar Islands

Arc 7: Back for more
7.01 Recovering
7.02 Trouble is Brewing
7.03 What a Mess
7.04 A Chat With the Other Senshi
7.05 Improving Logistics
7.06 An Awkward Talk
7.07 Planning Session
7.08 Construction Work
7.09 Audience with the King
7.10 More Recruits
7.11 Vampire Weaknesses
Ami has survived Azzathra's test, but she's never going to let herself get into a situation like that again. Ami is done with the Dark Gods, for good. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Ami may be done with her past, but her past isn't done with her. While Ami is trying to start from scratch with her new Azzathra-proof dungeon heart, two of Azzathra's Keepers have her in their crosshairs. Worse, the fairies Ami imprisoned to protect herself aren't going to let it go with an "I'm sorry"...and they can bend the ear of a King...a King rich enough to hire bounty hunters. But Ami is looking for a rematch of her own --- with Emperor Zarekos. For that, Ami needs to build one more dungeon. But not a hideout. A warship.

Arc 8: Rescues
8.01 Seaworthy
8.02 A Minor Complication
8.03 Sacrifice
8.04 A Rescued Princess
8.05 A Capture
8.06 Convoluted Rescue Plan, Go!
Feeling guilty over leaving the fairies far from home like herself, Ami determines to rescue them...but gets sidetracked when she learns that youma are trapped further from home and in far worse need of rescue. Jadeite rescues a princess, but Jadeite may need a rescue of his own...

"There are people suffering whom nobody can help but me. I just have to free them. Nobody else will!"
"Your good intentions may well lead us all to ruin."

Arc 9: Spirited resistance
9.01 Reinforcements
9.02 Mysterious Island
9.03 Strange Trolls
9.04 Lab Visit
9.05 Strategy?
9.06 Cruising Along
9.07 A Call from Home
9.08 Equipment Test
9.09 Invasion Planning
9.10 The Opening Strike
9.11 Phase Two
9.12 Damage Control
9.13 Retaliation
9.14 Counter-Invasion
9.15 A Meddler Appears
Ami makes contact with La Resistance, and fires her first shot of war against Zarekos, destroying one of his dungeon hearts to banish him. But Zarekos has power she knows not, and he's been ready for her ever since their first meeting in the previous book. Zarekos takes the fight to Ami. What's more, Princess Julia has sold Ami's location to a servant of Azzathra, who comes to punish Ami for her insults...<spoiler>which proves to be just the distraction Ami needs to assassinate Zarekos.</spoiler>

Arc 10: Surprise! Were you prepared for success?
10.01 Vampire Reactions
10.02 Unauthorised Expedition
10.03 Umbra's Report
10.04 Chatting with Marda
10.05 Generals Plot
10.06 Advisers Advise
10.07 A Fitting Punishment
10.08 Interrupted Plotting
10.09 Skirmishing
10.10 A Surprise for Nero
10.11 Bad Neighbours
10.12 Both Sides Prepare
10.13 Nero's Spell
10.14 Nero's Spell
With Zarekos gone, La Resistance's reason for cooperating with Ami is gone. Arachne is back for revenge, and Arachne fights in a totally different manner, minimizing her losses while slowly bleeding Ami dry. But Ami's secret gem furnaces keep her from running out of wealth...forcing Arachne to put up her two most powerful minions as stakes. Even then, Arachne's big plan lowers Ami's defenses but doesn't seem to allow for an actual attack on Ami's own dungeon heart...<spoiler>until Arachne brings in Keeper Alphel, a servant of Azzathra.</spoiler>

The crawlers were covering the ground with thick, gluey webbing that would spell doom to any rats she sent to reclaim the area. An annoying and efficient tactic.
The red-pulsing dungeon heart smashed into the side of the crater and shattered into glittering shards that followed the rest of the avalanche down into the lake of lava, accompanied by terrified howl.

Arc 11: Vampire remnants
11.01 Back to the Iceberg
11.02 Cleaning Up
11.03 Beryl's Plan
11.04 Temple Breached
11.05 Allies?
11.06 Assault on Wemos
11.07 Resignation
11.08 Divine Opposition, Part 1
11.09 Divine Opposition, Part 2
11.10 Underworld Army Attack
11.11 Departure
11.12 Musings
11.13 Vampire Solution
11.14 Disagreements
With the death of Nero, Ami gains a Reaper, but she's losing the Islander trolls. Ami thinks she has time to breathe, but she's been ignoring Wemos, Zarekos' most bloodthirsty servant, who took over the remains of Zarekos' decapitated empire. Wemos raided the Underworld for materiel, and they're blaming Ami for killing Zarekos and letting Wemos off his leash. Their retribution will scour the continent if Ami doesn't disarm them politically by killing Wemos herself, soon. As if that's not enough of an incentive, Wemos has finally seized Zarekos' temple, where Zarekos kept his vial of Ami's blood. <spoiler>But Wemos gets more than he bargained for: Zarekos is not quite dead yet. Zarekos offers Ami knowledge in exchange for helping him return. Ami may soon wish she had taken that deal.</spoiler>

"Mercury! Destroy her, or she will destroy us both!"
"Serve me well, however, and I may even share some secrets."

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