The Avatar is the title the Light Gods bestow on their champion. He is the direct connection to them and their favoured messenger. When the Light resides in him, his eyes glow. Otherwise he can relay their orders, but his own words - while heard - do not have the weight behind them. In short, Amadeus' words might be ignored or considered, but the Avatar's will be followed.

The Mantle of the AvatarEdit

The mantle of the Avatar can be likened to a portable temple to the Light Gods with what all that encompasses - buffs increasing the speed, strength, defense and offense of the Avatar as well as constant healing and restoration of constitution.

The healing properties aren't limited to the Avatar - a person over which the mantle is draped will heal almost instantly from even the worst wounds, both physical and psychological. It can't regrow limbs or reconstitute a completely vacant mind, though.

Avatar AmadeusEdit

The current Avatar goes by the name of Amadeus. His land, the Avatar Isles, was devastated after his defeat by Keeper Mukrezar.

War against MukrezarEdit

Mukrezar was a Keeper over twenty years ago. He was a brilliant tactician who through a thousand failed and 20 successful plans razed most of the Avatar Island before the Avatar could react. He then had an apostate switch the Avatar's Mantle for a warm glowing tablecloth. The Avatar was still more than a match for the Keepers Minions until the body count was high enough to consecrate the area to Crowned Death. Without his Mantle the Avatar was trapped in the Dark Gods Temple, where Mukrezar killed tens of thousands of Light worshipers and mixed their Blood with the Avatar's to desecrate the Mantle. After countless unsuccessful plans to finish the Avatar off for good, Mukrezar put a curse on him transforming his body to that of a female Troll, Marda.

Though Mukrezar was an excellent tactician he had no talent for ruling or long-term planning and after running out of Gold was soon usurped by rivaling Keepers fighting over the Avatar Isles. Rumour has it he ended in a cooking pot to serve as one does to feed what were formerly his troops.


Marda escaped with a few handful of other Trolls following her orders and dug in on an island of the coast of the mainland. She convinced the other Trolls to worship the Light as the only means to survive in an environment turning gradually more and more hostile due to the corruption the Dungeon Hearts were spreading.