Arachne is a Keeper that has shed her human form and now only lives as a swarm of insects. Her favoured monsters are spiders. Her Dark Gods affiliation is the Carrion God.

First mentioned in Chapter 8 and first encountered in Chapter 16, Arachne was the first Keeper Ami met and fought, during Arachne's siege on the capital of Blisshire.

The second significant encounter would be Ami's attack on Arachne's Spider Dungeon (for lack of a better name). Eventually Ami will win that encounter.

Ever since Arachne has reappeared on and off throughout various chapters, appearing to be hold a grudge for her loss of both dungeons due to Ami's direct actions. She has directly and indirectly attacked Ami's dungeons on several occasions, and have even made pacts with worshipers of another Dark God just to strike at Ami.

Her current status as of now is unknown, but she is believed to have been defeated for good by the forces deployed by Alphel.

Known Tactics Edit

Her modus operandi against cities (used against the capital of Blisshire) is to send her minions through the sewers past the fortifications into the inner parts. Given enough time this can allow her to undermine the foundation of buildings undetected. For instance, she used this method to make the abbey in the capital of Blisshire collapse with priests and acolytes still inside, in defiance to the planned assault on her.

Another offensive technique Arachne deployed is to hide spiders and their eggs inside a large corpse. Over time, the eggs will hatch, with the corpse providing food and a hiding spot. As Arachne mentioned, this technique "does not cost more than a few eggs" while providing for a large attack force that in theory will take any opponent by surprise.

As for defense, Arachne is also known to deploy giant trapdoor spiders at the entrances to her dungeons, enlarged giant spiders (the size of a big house), pit traps (with and without water for drowning purposes), webbing to entangle and a unique architecture for her dungeon heart; she commonly puts her dungeon heart at the ceiling of a large hall with only hazardous narrow paths to it, if at all.

Known favourite powers and abilities Edit

  • Creating an insect body.
  • Enlarge - Magically grows already huge creatures to truly humongous sizes. Typically used to enlarge a giant spider to large-house-sized proportions
  • Lightning
  • Polymorph

Known Dungeons Edit

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